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Hefei Midea Biomedical Co., Ltd
Hefei Midea Biomedical Co., Ltd
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Hefei Midea Biomedical Co., Ltd Company Profile

Hefei Midea Biomedical Co., Ltd

Hefei Midea Biomedical Co., Ltd
Main Market:
North America , South America , Western Europe , Eastern Europe , Eastern Asia , Southeast Asia , Africa , Oceania , Worldwide
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Midea Biomedical
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Export p.c:
60% - 70%
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China Hefei Midea Biomedical Co., Ltd Company Profile
Hefei Midea Biomedical Co., Ltd

Midea group entered the biomedical field and started to develop biomedical products since 2011.After 9 years of intensive cultivation in this professional field, Midea Biomedical Co., Ltd wasestablished in 2020. As part of Midea group, we are one of the most important manufacturers

and suppliers of cryogenic storage equipment In China.


With our more 30 years experience and research achievement of refrigeration, we're now offering "professional, smarter and safer" cryogenic products, services and usage experiences. Midea biomedical product lineup includes but not limited to: ultra-low temperature freezer, medical

refrigerator and freezer, medical refrigerator, blood bank refrigerator, smart vaccine boxes,

transport cooler,etc.


Midea Biomedical company has two factories to secure timely and high quality controlled production.


With continued high investments in design & technology improvement, now 31% of our employees are from the R&D department and we already got 9 R&D patents. We're capable of providing integrated service & product solutions for Medical and Health Care, Biological Medicine, Disease

Control System, Research Institute, Agricultural and Animal Husbandry, etc.


As a manufacturer of high-quality biomedical fridges and freezers for professional use, Midea stands for reliability and durability. Every appliance is tested intensively for quality and functionality during development process. Midea laboratory is TUV cooperated laboratory and has been recognized by UL witness test data program. We're always working to develop our appliances, optimize all components and process them properly to the last detail, so we can guarantee Midea quality with long durability of our appliances.

At Midea Biomedical, we stand behind the quality of our products with a comprehensive warranty: 2 years for the entire machine and 5 years for key components. With a presence spanning all five continents, our after-sales service ensures extensive support. Please note that regional differences may apply. For further information, please reach out to your regional manager.
Additional Points:
Quality Assurance: At Midea Biomedical, we prioritize quality and reliability. Each unit undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee optimal performance and durability.
Global Reach: Serving diverse healthcare settings worldwide, including hospitals, clinics, research institutions, and pharmaceutical companies, our global presence ensures accessible solutions for all.
Technical Support: Our dedicated technical support team is readily available to assist with installation,
maintenance, and troubleshooting, ensuring seamless operation of our equipment.
Customization: Recognizing the unique needs of different healthcare facilities, we offer customizable solutions tailored to meet specific requirements.