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Production Line

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Design and Development at Midea Biomedical: We begin by carefully researching and developing medical refrigerators at Midea Biomedical. Our teams collaborate to ensure these units meet the highest standards for storage capacity, temperature control, energy efficiency, and regulatory compliance. Advanced software and prototyping ensure precise design before production.

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Raw Material Procurement: Midea Biomedical's procurement experts meticulously select top-quality raw materials from global suppliers. Stainless steel for durability, high-performance plastics for components, and advanced insulation materials are sourced to ensure longevity and efficiency.
Precision Manufacturing: Using cutting-edge machinery, our skilled craftsmen at Midea Biomedical shape raw materials with precision. Computer-controlled processes ensure consistency in component fabrication, adhering strictly to quality standards to meet our exact specifications.
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Component Fabrication: Every component, from the sturdy outer casing to the intricate refrigeration system, undergoes meticulous fabrication at Midea Biomedical. Advanced technologies guarantee durability, reliability, and performance, while stringent quality control ensures adherence to our high standards.


Integrated Assembly at Midea Biomedical: Our assembly teams integrate components seamlessly into the final product. Precision techniques ensure the refrigeration system, electronic controls, and lighting work harmoniously. Thorough testing guarantees optimal functionality at every stage.


Comprehensive Testing: Midea Biomedical subjects each medical refrigerator to rigorous testing to validate its performance and reliability. We meticulously evaluate temperature accuracy, energy efficiency, and structural integrity, ensuring only products meeting our standards leave the factory.

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Secure Packaging and Logistics at Midea Biomedical: Products are carefully packaged using eco-friendly materials to protect them during transit. Our custom-designed packaging ensures safe delivery, supported by advanced logistics for timely arrival worldwide.


Dedicated After-sales Support at Midea Biomedical: Our commitment extends beyond delivery. The after-sales support team provides comprehensive assistance, including installation guidance, training, maintenance, and technical support. With a global network, we ensure prompt resolution of any issues, prioitizing customer satisfaction.